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I'd like thank Mr. Marcel for giving a great class this afternoon. My boys both enjoyed it very much!

Ying Wu

Allen & Daniel's Mother

Today's online session was great and we'll go with this (during COVID-19)

Shahin S Zavaregh

Neeka's Mother

Both of my daughters enjoyed the classes yesterday!

Jaskaran Kaur

Tirath & Anand's Mother


Online Classes FAQs

Anyone in the world that wants their children to have access to incredible art classes.

If you are already a member of Oam Studios Art Academy then you simply need to choose a class time above and click the link.


New students are asked to use our registration system first by clicking on the link below.

The first class that the art student attends will be a challenging cartoon drawing utilizing fundamental drawing techniques. The first art lessons will be emphasizing form, gesture, and perspective using every day art supplies readily found at everyone’s homes.


During the first classes, we will take a tally of all the materials the student has at home and evolve the class curriculum towards their needs and level.


If they were already taking classes at our studio then we will also assess what project they were studying before the COVID crisis and see if it is feasible to continue that study at this time or change their focus in the interim.


*The change in their study may have to occur since some materials may be to expensive to acquire per family.


Please be sure to help guide us by giving us feedback on how to improve our online art classes.

Absolutely not. This is just an option to keep our students happy, the studio from going under, our employees paid, and our leases on our brick and mortar locations paid. 🙁


We know that there is no equal replacement for in-person lessons in art, but under these difficult circumstances we have to try our best.


If you prefer to wait till we can reopen then that is perfectly fine. All accounts will remain frozen.


If you attend an online course then one of your class credits will be used, but their is no need to let us know if they are missing any online classes thereafter; classes freeze automatically once again after each class attended online.

Students do not have to stick to their normal schedule & can decide what day and time works best for them. We would like to spread the students out so everyone receives enough attention, even though these lessons at first will be “follow along” drawing projects.

Yes, we are combining the schools and both schools can attend these classes. we will adjust and make changes as we see necessary.

The cost of attending a class is currently one class credit since it seems the easiest transition.


We understand that many of our families have lost their jobs and may not be able to afford the classes after they have used the class credits on their account. We are all struggling together.


Please contact me individually if you need assistance moving forward so that we can help each other out.

We are going to stick to materials that everyone should have at home such as pencil, erasers, and paper.


Mr. Marcel will be trying out using procreate on the tablet as a way of digitizing teaching through zoom, so children could also learn that app if people are able to download and pay for it. It is not necessary though but let us know if there is interest.


*Procreate and digital drawing may not be a great option for our foundation students

We can continue with color pencils too if everyone has them or is interested in ordering them, please do so through our affiliate links below to help support us.


Our studio uses top notch Faber-Castell Polychromos color pencils because I find they have a perfect blend of pigment and binder. Their premium brand which is less expensive is second best.


Other companies such as Prisma color are heavy on the pigment which is way too soft & crumbly for my taste. Crayola is all binder and in their case a very waxy binder that does not allow blending; it all builds up and becomes a sticky mess.

If the classes are not what you expect then please let us know so that I can adjust, evolve and make them better. We want you to have the very best classes in the Bay Area and we are dedicated to becoming exactly that!


The only way our vision becomes reality is if you let us know.


I have been an artist since I was a child and one of the most important things you learn from being an artist is to take criticism.


We want to hear constructive criticism and deliver an experience to our students that is by far the best, especially during these difficult times.


Don’t be cruel though.

Because of high demand and need for more options, we will roll out one week of class scheduling. Depending on how this week goes, we will update the schedule each week on Tuesdays.

Students that are join during the pandemic can continue online or start attending our brick and mortar locations once the coast is clear.


We love these online classes and are convinced that these classes are part of the future. We will continue providing them after the pandemic for our online community, students traveling, or for students just needing to stay home on their regular class day.


Let’s embrace this technology.

Materials List

This is the type of drawing paper we use at the studio. It is super thick and sturdy with a very smooth finish perfect for graphite, color pencil, and ink.

I am working on the links through Blick and other companies and will update this in the coming days once our affiliate application is approved.


We are accepting new students through out the year.


Please click below to set up a trial class and register.